DJ Tom Cannier

Tom Cannier is a multigenre DJ from Zagreb, Croatia. Sometimes a producer, too. Having a lot of fun with music. Played mostly for friends birthdays and New Years parties 10-20 years ago. Now doing livestream on mixcloud or Twitch, most commonly with Virtual DJ's, going live on Essential Clubbers Radio and playing on live events in Croatia - looking forward to do more  Favourite genres are house, tech house and techno, but in his sets you can find some soulful, funky, disco, reggae, latin, rock, pop, R'n'B, Hip Hop, D'n'b and more good vibes because: good music is always good music, any genre, any type, any time... If you like good music it will make you joyful!

Feel free to contact Tom Cannier if You wanna book a DJ for your event or any other occasions.

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